The BDM Club

In February 2011, on our Office's initiative, the BDM Club was founded.

The BDM Club is a business forum of entrepreneurs, founded with a view to assembling entrepreneurs from Istria and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, for the purpose of providing mutual assistance and exchanging experiences and information necessary for their everyday business activity.

Through the BDM Club, its members can:

- exchange useful experiences and information at regular meetings;

- get professional assistance from the areas of tax and business consulting, law, accounting, finances, entrepreneurship, marketing and tourism;

- get assistance with home and foreign market promotion, with the purpose of achieving higher competitiveness;

- increase the level of knowledge through different modes of education, seminars, workshops or individual guidance and trainings;

- present one's successful economic projects;

- be informed about all the changes in the law necessary for their business activity;

- finally, direct synergy of all the members' joint potential in the direction which is beneficial to each of them individually.

A special department of our Office is taking care of functional performance of the Club and is in charge of carrying out all current duties related to its operative business.

You can find all the details related to the activities and the Club's functioning on

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