Personnel Records and Payroll Accounting

Personnel records is a set of data on employees employed in a company.
Employees are natural persons who carry out certain tasks in an employment relationship for their employer. This relationship between an employer and an employee is regulated by a written employment contract.

For their work, performed according to employer's instructions, employees get a contractual salary, which may be paid in cash or in a non-cash benefit.

When calculating the salary, one must keep in mind many provisions that regulate this very complex business segment (here are the most important ones):

-    Labour Act (Official Gazette 137/04),
-    Minimum Wage Act (Official Gazette 67/08),
-    Contributions Act (Official Gazette 84/08 and 152/08),
-    Pension Insurance Act (Official Gazette 102/98 to 35/08)
-    Health Insurance Act (Official Gazette 85/06),
-    Maternity and Parental Support Act (Official Gazette 85/08),
-    Law on Insurance Periods with Extended Duration (Official Gazette 71/99 and 46/07),
-    Law on Areas of Special State Concern (Official Gazette 86/08),
-    Law on Hilly and Mountainous Areas (Official Gazette 12/02, 32/02, 117/03, 42/05, 90/05 and 80/08),
-    Income Tax Act (Official Gazette 177/04 and 73/08),
-    Law on Special Tax on Wages, Pensions and Other Receipts (Official Gazette 94/09),
-    Personal Identification Number Act (Official Gazette 60/08),
-    Collective agreements.

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