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Establishment of a limited liability company

  1. Choosing the name of the company and verifying that under the jurisdiction area of the responsable Commercial court another company with the same or similar name doesn't exist. The name of a company may include Croatian, Latin or Ancient Greek words.
  2. Public notary certification of the request for incorporation in the court’s registry. Together with the request one must prepare all the facts that are important for a business: name, headquarters, activities, company members and their interrelations, persons authorised to represent the company and other.
  3. Payment of required fees and the stock capital. The bank issues a proper receipt for the stock capital, which must be enclosed to the request for incorporation. The amount of fees and charges is listed on this page under “Costs of establishing a d.o.o. ”
  4. Presenting the paperwork of seed capital to the Commercial court
  5. Making the company stamp
  6. After receiving the decision of incorporation at the Court’s registry, one must submit the request for the Notification of business subject classification according to the National Classification of Activities (which includes the main business activity code and the subject number)
  7. Opening of a giro account at a commercial bank
  8. Starting the Business shares book
  9. Obtaining a customs number (for companies that tend to deal with foreign trade) and PIN/OIB (in
    use since January 1st 2009)
  10. Presenting a foreign investment report to the Croatian National Bank (in case the company was founded or co – founded by foreign members)
  11. Registration at the Tax Administration. Entering the VAT system within the first year is optional, while the following year depends on the amount of prodductivities made during the current year (if the amount of prroductivity exceeds 85.000,00 kuna entering the VAT system is obligatory).
    A voluntary entry in the VAT system at beginning of business shall be binding for the next five calendar years. Regardless the VAT, according to the General Tax Act (Official gazette 147/08) the registration of a company at the authorised branch office of the Tax Administration is obligatory.
  12. Registration at the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute and Croatian Health Insurance Institute (if one employs workers)
  13. Drawing up the initial balance and opening of business books
  14. Payment of membership fee to the Croatian Chamber of Economy

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