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Registration of Employees at a Mandatory Retirement and Health Insurance

An employment relationship between an employee and his employer is based on a signed employment contract. Based on this contract, the employer is obligated to register the employee at a mandatory retirement and health insurance within 8 days from the beginning of the employment relationship, and to deliver the copies of submitted registrations to the employee

Before registering the very first employee at the mandatory insurances, the employer, who is liable to calculate and pay contributions for the employed workers, needs to register the start of his business acitivity.

For registration of employees at HZMO - Croatian Pension Insurance Institute  (HZMO is a public institution, in charge of the implementation of mandatory retirement insurance on grounds of generation solidarity), the following documents need to be submitted:

-    a filled out application on the beginning of insurance – M-1P form, endorsed by the employer

-    employment contract

-    employment certificate (radna knjižica)

-    a copy of a personal identity card or a passport (for foreigners)

-    a work permit for foreigners, if the employment relationship has been concluded with a foreign national

Only the application is to be filed, and all the other documents are just to be shown to the Institute official.

Next, each employee also needs to be registered at HZZO - Croatian Institute for Health Insurance (HZZO was established with the objective of carrying out the basic health insurance and performing other work, according to the Health Insurance Act), and the following documents need to be submitted:

-    application on the beginning of insurance –T-2 form, filled out and endorsed with the employer's stamp

-    a copy of the HZMO application (M-1P form)

-    employment certificate (radna knjižica)

-    employment contract

-    a work permit (for foreign workers)

-    a copy of a personal identity card (or a travel document for foreigners)

Note: Before registering an employee at the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance, previous insurance needs to be cancelled.

On grounds of registering an employee at the health insurance, a spouse, children (up to age 18, i.e. by the end of regular education, but not after the age of 26), parents, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, grandparents, as the insured person's family members, can get the status of the insured person, but only if all the following requirements are met:

-    if they live in a joint household with the insured person,

-    if they are incapable of independent living and working,

-    if they can't support themselves,

-    if the insured person supports them.


Published on August the 30th, 2011

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