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Ammendments of the Law on Catering trade

Starting July 22nd 2010 some ammendments came into force regarding the Law on Catering trade.
Up until now, activities of renting accommodation (suites and vacation houses) without having obtained categorization have been punishable. Now, new provisions of Law assume sanctioning of the advertisement itself of such uncategorized facilities (eg. on the Internet).

The anticipated fines will be in the range of 10.000,00 to 50.000,00 kunas for the legal person and 5.000,00 to 10.000,00 kunas for the responsible person.

It is obvious that the state is trying to eradicate illegitimate renting that has been a very common practice in this area.
Collateral victims of these measures are unfortunately again the legal persons who want to legalize their activity, which has been made very difficult for them, if not impossible due to other legal provisions.

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